Mission Statement

Date created 18.04.2018 21:00:22

MultiChoiceHub Real Estate and Properties was founded by the INRI Foundation Inc. team with great aspiration of becoming the trusted and favorable agency among the individual or corporate property owners as well as the industry players. MultiChoiceHub Real Estate is supported by a group of specialized, sensible, committed and result-orientated team players who strive to deliver personalized estate agency services of leasing, selling, marketing and managing individual or corporate properties of residential and commercial by fulfilling psychological and financial needs among willing buyers and sellers as well as tenants and landlords in a shifting market.

Our committed and professional team players in MultiChoiceHub Real Estate are aware that every customer who is thinking of selling, buying, renting or leasing their properties, has a distinctive need and exclusive requirements. Our philosophy is to make the property transaction process as simple as possible and we work enthusiastically towards the completion of sale or rental as we understand that a fully satisfied customer is a customer who will always return.

At MultiChoiceHub Real Estate, we strongly uphold the importance of extending committed efforts and providing resourceful and reliable market findings to our individual or corporate clients and expatriate tenants at a reasonable speed. Our team has a proven reputation for specialty on selected areas or projects regardless of landed houses, condominiums or commercial properties.

MultiChoiceHub Real Estate started with only 2 real estate negotiators and now has expanded to our second branch in Lagos and Ibadan with over 30 professional and dedicated negotiators.


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